Multi-sensual T-shirt, 2014
Presented at International Textile and Costume Culture Congress in Jeonju, Korea

A T-shirt, the iconic example of clothing for everyday wear, was taken up and transformed in its appearance, breaking haptic and visual expectations and offering a band of sensual experiences by combining very different materials and functionalities.
The idea was to promote incentives for improving awareness of textiles, their production and sustainability.
By creating curiosity, as many people as possible, primarily from the group of so-called young Hedonists who are an important rising youth group, shall be convinced to wear the T-shirt and thus distributing information and message with a multiplier effect. The T-shirt is wearable on both sides. The “inner side” has printed text, which provides information about the materials and the project. The T-Shirt comes with a carry-strap with a layer of second-hand material, on one side a variety of different key terms on sustainability in textiles is imprinted.