Aim of the project was to involve women in a design process through material and elaborating health issues for women in general for a survival kit. The special electro-static and micro-biotic abilities of the material silk makes it suitable for use in health precaution and disease control as well as for garment with low cleaning requirement. A “Silk Comfort and Health Kit“, especially developed and designed for women in various stages of life (lactation, menopause, ...), shall increase public awareness of the broad potential of silk. The “Silk Health & Comfort Kit“ engages to strengthen women’s autonomy and mobility.
Cornelia Bast designed a health kit for various situations in a woman's life: There are various situations in which the material silk can help either preventively or supporting the healing process. Therefore the "Silk Comfort and Health Kit" contains:
Breast pads, to avoid skin damage and infection as well as to support healing in case of an already existing infection; Panty liners, as a preventive and in case of vaginal infections; T-shirts, helping during the time of transition to menopause, when it often comes to hot flashes and thus excessive transpiration, despite numerous "hot flashes" the smell that comes with a bacterial growth, significantly is retained; Scarves, for various throat a silk scarf offers optimum protection at ambient temperatures higher than about 20 ° C (68 ° F).The attached manual describes how to prepare and to use the poultice.
A compilation of homeopathic globules for common ailments, recommended by a doctor are added, all glass vials with plastic plugs are labeled and correspond descriptions. The kit provides space for objects that were specified by users during the preliminary stages of designing the kit. These three areas are covered: health, hygiene and beauty. Each object has its place.