Cornelia BAST
-- obstetric areas: drug-dependent pregnant women, women with HIV infection, other risk pregnancies);
-- Working with dying children and their parents during and after birth
-- Contact with and support of people involved in childbirth;
-- Monitoring and dealing with different lifestyles, correlating with different social environments
-- Pre-natal classes for couples at the clinic
-- Seminar in hypnotic communication for midwives, together with Dipl.Psych. Harald Krieger
-- individual prenatal seminars in collaboration with Geburtshaus Wien-Nussdorf
-- working with people suffering from pain and various tensions
2017 - Shiraz University of Arts, Iran „Art-based Futures. Expanding the Roles of Art“, invited lecture (together with Gerald Bast)
2016 - University of Porto, Portugal, International Conference "Thinking the Future", lecture on Artistic Research (together with G. Bast)
2016 - European Forum Alpbach, Austria, Health Symposium/Cultural Program: FEEL DEMENTIA, introduction and performance
2015 - 31st International Conference of Alzheimer Disease International, Budapest, Hungary, FEEL DEMENTIA, art-based research on the preconditions for social inclusion of people living with dementia, lecture
2014 - ITCC Conference, Jeonju, South Corea, ROC: Performatve lecture "Campaign for Fashion and Sustainability in Austria"; Multi Sensual T-shirt "Wearable Awareness"
2014 - Cumulus Conference, Johannesburg, SA: Performative lecture "Social Co-Design"
2012 - International Textiles and Costume Congress, Kasetsart University Bangkok/THA, Performative lecture "Design as Social Fabric"; "Silk Health and Comfort Kit"
2012 - 5th ELIA Teachers Academy, Porto, PT: Performance "Filtration"
2011 - ELIA - European League of Institutes of the Arts, 12th Biennial Conference, Museumsquartier, Vienna, A: Performance "Filtration"
2011 - PATT 26 Conference, Linköping University, Stockholm, S: Performance "Egg"
- Master of Arts in "Social Design-Arts as Urban Innovation", University of Applied Arts Vienna
- Bachelor in "Applied Arts and Design Communication, University of Applied Arts Vienna
- Higher Technical School for Biochemistry Vienna, Matura
- Academy for Midwifery, Vienna Semmelweisklinik, midwifery diploma
- Professional training in Hypnotic Communication, Austrian Society for Medical and Dental Hypnosis, diploma
- Study trip to New Zealand for several months, learning the Maori tradition of Harakeke weaving
living and working in Vienna
- Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Leukaemia Research and Haematology, Hanuschkrankenhaus, Vienna

- Midwife at University Hospital Vienna, Clinic for Gynaecology
- Hypnotic Communication

- dérive - Radio for Urban Research, editorial staff member and broadcast design
- Haptic Communication Egg, in: BEST SPIRIT : BEST PRACTICE, Braumüller, Vienna 2011
- Layers, in: Encyclopedia of Creativity, Invention, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Springer New York, 2013
- Mateus-Berr, Ruth; Bast,Cornelia; Kozma, Klaudia; Lukács,László; Wakonig, Marie-Theres; Textile Design as Social Fabric,
with Inspiration from ‘4-layers of Sari’
 and the Material Culture of Silk. In: 2013 International Textiles & Costume Congress; Silk Aesthetic, Culture, History, Technology, Fashion and Innovation; ITCC, Katesart University Bangkok, Thailand 2013
- Mateus-Berr, Ruth; Bast, Cornelia; Nalis, Irina; Social Co-Designing in: Cumulus International Association of Universities and
- Mateus-Berr, Ruth; Bast, Cornelia; Silk Comfort, Health Kit; in: Mateus Berr, Ruth;Art & Design as Social Fabric; In: Arts,
Research, Innovation and Society (Eds: Gerald Bast, Elias G. Carayannis; CAEd. David F.J. Campbell), Springer, New York 2014
-- laboratory assistant in projects on chromosomal changes
- University of Applied Arts Vienna, art-based researcher (since 2016)
-- Artistic research project
D.A.S. Dementia.Arts.Society.
, funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF)
Colleges of Art, Design and Media. Johannesburg Conference 22.-24. 9. 2014: Design with the other 90%: Changing the World by Design. Hosted by Greenside Design Center and the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Johannesburg 2014
2017 - Sensual Fake Cutlery
2017 - Set of Preferences / Vorlieben-Set
2016 - Tree of Potentials - Baum der Potenziale
2015 - 3 x 3
2015 - Kristallisationskeim
2014 - Ritual No.1
2014 - Wearable Awareness
2014 - Mobile Wish Trees, Discover Peace
2014 - Shadowing - Visualizing Traces
2014 - Perspectives - Views
2013 - Intuit Uncover Discover
2012 - Filtration
2012 - 2012 Transformations of Time
2011 - IN TOUCH
2011 - Egg, objects for haptic nonverbal communication
2010 - Wood-Korsage,
2010 - Wood Music

2017 - Art, Empathy and Social Intelligence, Workshop für Teaching Staff, Shiraz Art University, Iran
2017 - IM PART-What Moves me?/MIT TEILEN-Was bewegt mich?, Demenzfreundlicher 3.Bezirk, Vienna, A
2017 - Feel Dementia Workshop for Demenzfreundlicher 13.Bezirk, Public Space, Vienna, A
2017 - Feel Dementia Workshop for Demenzfreundlicher 3.Bezirk, Public Space, Vienna, A
2017 - Tree of Potentials/Baum der Potentiale Workshop, Haus der Begegnung 2017 Seeböckgasse, Vienna. A
2017 - Tree of Potentials/Baum der Potentiale Workshop, Promenz-Selfhelp Group, Vienna, A
2017 - Tree of Potentials/Baum der Potentiale Workshop, Caritas Socialis Day Center Oberzellergasse, Vienna, A
2017 - Preferences/Vorlieben Workshop, Haus der Begegnung Seeböckgasse, Vienna. A
2017 - Preferences/Vorlieben Workshop, Promenz-Selfhelp Group, Vienna, A
2017 - Preferences/Vorlieben Workshop, Caritas Socialis Day Center Oberzellergasse, Vienna, A
2016 - Sensory Workshop D.A.S. for Promenz-Selfhelp Group, Vienna, A
2016 - Sensory Workshop D.A.S. for Alzheimer Austria, Vienna, A

2017 - SENSUAL FAKE, Vienna Design Week, A
2016 - STATUS QUO, Stilwerk, Vienna, A
2015 - URBANIZE Festival, Vienna, A
2015 - ESSENCE 15, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, A
2014 - DESIGN ACTS!, Galerie Freihausgasse, Villach, A
2014 - ESSENCE 14, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, A
2013 - ARTE LAGUNA, Venice, I
2012 - ESSENCE 12, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, A
2012 - TRANSFORMATIONS OF TIME, Natural History Museum, Vienna, A
2011 - IN TOUCH 2, Färberei, Munich, D
2011 - IN TOUCH 2, Färberei, Munich, D
2011 - IN TOUCH 1, Galerie Stumpf, Munich, D
2011 - HOMEPAKE,University of Applied Arts, Vienna, A