This performance visualized the users’ movement at Schwedenplatz. The performance interrupted the usual use of the area and broke the accustomed way of perceiving public space. It showed the spots of traffic concentration and provoked discussions on the way of using public space.

To demonstrate the movement patterns, a pipe was used with a piece of street chalk attached on one end. The performer with a street-chalk-drawing apparatus in her hand followed a chosen passer-by continuously drawing a line on the ground.

Vienna, Schwedenplatz
Mapping the directions of walking a pattern started to grow. Different colors were used for different persons. The reactions on this performance reached from not having noticed it to following the performer, asking about the meaning of the performance followed by fruitful conversations. Some people simply had fun following the lines.
 Some children with scooters made a game out of them, trying to follow the lines as closely as possible. Some observers shook their head and were wondering.