The ladder intervention addressed the Donaukanal and the prospects that one has within the Schwedenplatz area and hereby stimulating thoughts and discussions about the quality of the place.

The performer carried a household ladder, slowly walking around and habitually signalizing to explore the surroundings. From time to time the performer set up the ladder, climbed up and looked around. Having repeated this several times at various spots the performer still seemed to be looking for something.
2014 Vienna, Schwedenplatz
At the spots where the Donaukanal or Leopoldsberg could be seen, the performer’s facial expressions showed satisfaction and joy. Although the household ladder was not very tall, it opened up new possibilities and aspirations like seeing long distance views, getting away from the hastily crossing people, breaking out of the density, avoiding the immediate presence of pigeons, catching sight o
f the Donaukanal from a few spots, realizing the questioning and puzzeled glances of people haunting Schwedenplatz.