Isolation, speechlessness, lack of time for interpersonal communication are significant characteristics of modern urban societies. While gifts used as marketing strategy are almost omnipresent in modern cities, gifts as an expression of personal appreciation lose their quality of a ritual that is exclusively directed to a particular person. In urban environments, where the rapidly increasing trend towards commercialization, anonymity and individual isolation is evident, the gift as an archetypal interpersonal ritual becomes an interesting social topic.
Both cristallisation germ and 3x3 – both use elements of design and performative art.
Form and content of the public interventions using Kristallisationskeim and 3x3 contradicted existing conventions in the context of giving. This raised awareness for the value of non-verbal communication as well as for the societal function of interpersonal rituals

The greeting card system 3x3 is a frame for making very individual offers of gifts in form of joint activities. The finalization of the gift is in the hands of the presentee. The communication about the preferences is part of 3x3.
The wrapping in newspaper-stile is covered with articles and advertisings which all are related to the theme “making a gift”.
The term Crystallization Germ comes from chemistry, where it is used to initiate the growth of crystals. Crystals arrange themselves around the crystallization germ. The Kristallisationskeim was offered to passers-by in various public spaces. It has all qualities of a gift and the change of roles (presentee and donor). In public performances the Kristallisationskeim was presented to passers-by.
Kristallisationskeim (Cristallization Germ)